Synthetics International is a Swiss company established in 1998.

Synthetics International is strongly R&D driven and holds a variety of IP/commercial processes in the chemical business.

The business is split into three units:

  • custom manufacturing and multi-customer products for the fine chemical market and the supply of polyfunctional cross linkers for leather, paint, resin and dyestuff industry

  • taylor made manufacturing equipment, like filter dryers and distillation equipment

  • natural products for treatment of wood

Manufacturing sites are located in Spain and China.

Quick responses to customer inquiries, project management and a very competitive cost structure are just some of our strengths.

Our production capabilities range from small gram quantities to multi-ton scale including a large chemical set of reactions.

Synthetics International assures quality at every level of production. The ISO guidelines are applied to non-regulated intermediates and cGMPs for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. DMFs are prepared in the required formats. FDA approval has been received for our APIs.